Day 2

Reports from the field by Susan Kelly.


8.00: A misty start - the fetch gates aren't visible at the moment.

8.30: The mist is starting to clear  A lot of craic around the field as we wait to start.

8.40: The course is clear. Thomas Doherty is the first to the post with Ben, so today's trial is under way.

11.00: The sun is out in full bloom 25 degrees. A few more scores on the board.

12.00: The first run of the day is still the leader on 174. There is another good crowd and a warm spell of weather. The second round of the Brace is now on. 

1.00: A new leader: Aidan Gallagher and Jimmy on 186.

1.45: The Brace runs have been completed for today. It is another great day with good crowds. The children are enjoying the fun rides.

3.00: James McCloskey is also on 186. He and Aidan have identical scores at each element, so truly joint leaders.

3.45: It is 29 degrees. The ice cream van and drinks stalls are doing well. The children are enjoying themselves too, as the grounds are very well laid out.

6.00: It is still lovely and warm with a nice breeze. 

8.00: Anither great day's trialling. James McCloskey has been declared Friday's winner. Althogh equal on all the groups of elements (OlF etc), Aidan lost 8 on his outrun and James just 1. James will therefore compete for the National title in tomorrow's runoff. Tomorrow's start is at 7am to allow for a finish tomorrow before too late in the evening.