Day 3

Trialling starts on time at 8am, on a grey and damp morning with a chill in the air. The temperature dropped overnight and there is an autumnal feel to the morning. 

Martin O'Malley completes the course with Groesfaen Jock. Jock is by Aled Owen's Mac. 

Martin Doherty has been given a re-run after his first packet of sheep ran off the top of the field and went back to the holding pens.

Seamus Corrigan was left frustrated when the bell rang while he was trying to single with Tex.

Standard is called on Martin Doherty's run with Moss.

The early packets of sheep have once again been challenging and testing the patience of the dogs.

John Harkin finishes the course with three-year-old Ascog Lad.

Martin O'Malley scored 165, and Seamus Corrigan had a score of 156.

Sammy Long and Moss complete the course.

Another completed run, this time from Susan Venney. Susan and Jill missed the second drive gates but finished the at-hand work well. Black-and-white smooth coated Jill is by Frankie McCullough's Craig, out of W.J. Jones' Gale.

The rain is holding off but a cold wind is still blowing. 

We have a new leader -Sammy Long and Moss with a score of 192.

James McCaffery is running Mey and he will be followed by Gerry Graham running Graham's Ash. They are the last singles runs before the judges take a break.

There are another three doubles runs scheduled for today. Ned O'Keefe will run first with Dunedin Tina and Jess. M.H. Kelly has withdrawn so reserve Dan Morrissey will run Dina and Boss. He will be followed by D. Corrigan running Curragh Sweep and Jim.

The cut-off point for the team is now 156 points.


Ned O'Keefe wins the brace competition with a score of 212 points. Runner-up is Sammy Long.

Ned sent Tina on the left, before Jess to the right. Jess was working a distance off the sheep on the fetch with Tina tucked in behind them. Ned shed with Tina and just managed to get the five into the open pen as the bell rang. 

Dan Morrissey and David Corrigan both ran out of time at the open pen during their runs.

Out of the nine brace competitors this year, none managed to complete the course at the second pen, with the first pen using up so much valuable time.


After the lunch break Martin Feeney completes the course with Jack. This is followed by another completed run from Frankie McCullough and Spot.

James McGee and Glencregg Silver score 175 and Martin Feeney scores 176.

Time was spent in the shedding ring during Allistair Lyttle's run with Spot and they ran out of time after the pen.

Raffle tickets have been selling well today. The draw will take place at 4pm, with the top prize of a dog trailer donated by KM Engineering.

Father and son, William and Liam Gallagher have been drawn to run one after the other. Liam will run first at number 128.

The sheep were penning better on the last day, but were still very tricky at-hand. Throughout the trial they worked pretty well around the course, with some packets more heavy than others. 

During all three days of the trial the sheep stewards in the holding pens at the top of the field were local farmers. Taking it in turns every 12 runs, two handlers with one dog went to the top of the field to hold the sheep at the lift.

A few of the later runs on the last day gained a place in the team. Bill Seale and Dan took 13th place at run number 134.

Aidan Gallagher and Cain pushed the leaders hard with a good run. They finished in 3rd place, one point behind Ned O'Keefe, on 182 points.

Another late run, J. O'Brien and Shep also gained a place in the team.

With the sun setting, the presentations began with many thanks to all the sponsors and everyone involved in the trial. 

A new perpetual trophy was presented by the family of the late Tim Flood, which was awarded to young handler Shannon Conn.

After a long three days of trialling Sammy Long and Moss were crowned 2015 Irish National champions. It is Sammy's first National win in the singles and he said he was "absolutely delighted".

The last word went to Society Chairman Jim Easton who wished the Irish team success at the International.

Those who had stayed for the presentations then walked onto the field to shake hands and congratulate all the team members.