Results - Day 2

Trialling started just before 7.30am on day two of the Irish National. It is a cold wind greeting competitors and spectators, but it's a dry start. The wind direction has changed a bit today, blowing across the field.

The same sheep are being re-run over the three days. The first couple of packets have been good.

First runners, Jonny Cremin and John Maginn both completed the course. Jonny's Sally needed an extra whistle to get her to cross the bank.

John Maginn's past National champion Mozz went out easily on his left-hand outrun with no extra commands. The sheep went around the field nicely and stayed fairly settled for the at-hand work. John and Mozz penned in around 20 seconds and had plenty of time to spare for the single. 

There are another 50 singles runs to be completed today and three more brace entries. The brace will be held around noon. Rain is forecast for this afternoon, but most people already have their waterproofs on and plenty of layers! Some of us are wishing we had brought a pair of gloves in our cases!

Jonny Cremin and John Maginn both score 178 points. Jonny Cremin's OLF score is 80, John's is 86.


Today's brace runners are Ned O'Keefe with Dunedin Tina and Jess, Frank Cashen with Jip and Mist, and Sammy Long with Moss and Ben.

Ned was last year's brace champion with Tina and Jess.

Ned has gone into the lead in the brace competition on 212 points, despite running out of time at the second pen. Sammy Long, running Moss and Ben scored 140 and Frank Cashen, running Jip and Mist, scored 131.


This morning's two early scores of 178 have yet to be beaten, so John Maginn is still in the lead with Mozz.

Jonny Cremin and Sally are currently in second place with local committee chairman Eamon McAuley and Roy in third on 162 points.

The first rain of the day arrived at around 2pm, as predicted by the weather forecasters. A few people have missed the cross drive gates today, mostly on the low side. The sheep continue to be very difficult to shed. Some packets seem more amenable to penning, but they don't give you many chances to get it right.

Running late in the day, James McCloskey went into the lead with Sweep. They ran out of time in the single and also scored 178 points, but had the best OLF points of 90.

Local committee chairman Eamon McAuley secured his place in the team with Roy, finishing in fifth place.

The heavy rain never really materialised, coming instead in spits and spats. However, there was no break in the wind and everyone is hoping for a calmer day tomorrow.


The top five for day two were:

1, James McCloskey, Sweep, 178, olf 90;

2, John Maginn, Mozz, 178, olf 86;

3, Jonny Cremin, Sally, 178, olf 80;

4, Sean Corrigan, Tex, 163;

5, Eamon McAuley, Roy, 162;

Reserve, Colm Doherty, Roy, 158.