2017 National Team


2017 Irish Team

1st and National champion, Allistair Lyttle with Scott, run-off (out of 200) 184, 198

2nd Allistair Lyttle with Jim, run-off 142, 204

3rd James McCaffrey with Mey, run-off DQ, 198 

4th Frankie McCullough with Cap, 198

5th Johnny Cremin with Sally, 192

6th Toddy Lambe with Ben, 182

7th Martin Feeney with Jack, 190

8th Martin O’Malley with Gwenno, 178

9th Eamonn McAuley with Roy, 178

10th John Rooney with Taff, 188

11th Kieran McFadden with Star, 175

12th Dean McAuley with Jan, 168

13th Michael Hopkins with Dale, 188

14th Peter Concannon with Sweep, 173

15th Mick Burke with Tiny, 167

Reserve Martin O’Malley with Groesfaen Jock, 182


2017 National Champion Allistair Lyttle with Scott and second placed Jim

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


2017 Irish National team

PICTURE: Lisa Soar



2017 Irish Brace Champion

Champion Dennis Birchall with Peggy and Tweed, 220

Reserve Sammy Long with Roy and Jaybeez Broozer, 214


2017 Irish Brace champion Dennis Birchall with Peggy and Tweed

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


2017 Irish Reserve brace champion, Sammy Long with Roy and Jaybeez Broozer

PICTURE: Lisa Soar