Results Day 2 (Friday 4th August 2017)

The sun was shining early in the morning and trialling started on time at 8am.

Today's sheep were a different flock and worked very differently to yesterday's. They were quite flighty and tricky to handle around the field this morning. Some packets were difficult to hold at the top for the shepherds and they would not come off the lift in a straight line. They improved later in the day but could still be tricky. Some packets had one or two more independent ewes who were happy to split from the others on the course and some would break around the back of the pen. Fresh sheep from the same flock will be run tomorrow.

The majority of handlers opted for the right hand outrun. Apart from a brief spell of rain in the afternoon, it was a dry day.

High scores were lacking in the morning, with two handlers, Seamus Robinson and Toddy Lambe both on 166.

The brace was held after Toddy's run with another three runners. The two current leaders from yesterday weren't troubled and held their positions. The Suffolk crosses, belonging to local committee chairman Bill Seale, ran well again. First to run was Michael Kelly with Jack and Nell. He was timed up at the second pen. Brace reserve John Maginn followed with Kate and Molly, he had a completed run and scored 194. Last to run was last year's and 2015 brace champion, Ned O'Keeffe with Dunedin Tina and Jess. Ned did well around the field and shed with Tina. A stubborn horned ewe was his downfall at the open pen where he ran out of time battling with her, he scored 192.

In the afternoon, with the sheep more settled, Frankie McCullough took the lead with Cap at number 76. Eamonn (Curly) McAuley ran three runs later and posted a score of 178. Son Dean also had a completed run at number 88 with his bitch Jan to score 168.

There was a new leader late in the day, when yesterday's winner Allistair Lyttle walked on the field wth Jim at number 94, he scored 204 points. This would remain unbeaten. All five team members for day two came from the afternoon runs.

Day 2 top five:
1st Allistair Lyttle with Jim, 204
2nd Frankie McCullough with Cap, 198
3rd Eamonn McAuley with Roy, 178
4th Dean McAuley with Jan, 168
5th Michael Burke with Tiny, 167
Reserve Toddy Lambe with Dan, 166


After winning day one Allistair Lyttle also won day two with Jim at run number 94,

scoring 204 points

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Harriet and Carol have been busy serving customers at the ISDS stand

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Frankie McCullough and Cap scored 198

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Eamonn McAuley with Roy

PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Another qualifier on day two was Dean McAuley

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Local girls, Jodie Tector and Amy Murphy of Bunclody, were enjoying their trip to the trials

PICTURE: Lisa Soar