2018 National Team


2018 Irish Team

1st and Irish National Champion Paul O'Donnell with Limber

2nd James James Mc Laughlin with Ben 

3rd Paddy Fanning with Bruce

4th James McCloskey with Sweep

5th Franky McCullough with Spot

6th John Brennan with York

7th James P Mc Gee with Glencregg Silver

8th Aidan P Gallagher with Cain

9th Wilton Goligher with Moss

10th James P Mcgee with Ardagh Maid

11th Con Mcgarry with Tara

12th Simon Mosse with Dunedin Peg

13th Joey Walsh with Peg

14th James McLaughlin with Dan

15th Ned O'keeffe with Dunedin Tina

Reserve William Gallagher with Moss


Irish National Champion Paul O'Donnell with Limber

Photo courtesy of Bo Davidson


2018 Irish National Team

Photo courtesy of Bo Davidson



2018 - Irish Brace Champion John F Maginn with Lad and Kate

Runner up - Con McGarry with Tara and Cora

Photo courtesy of Bo Davidson


Driving Champion

Paddy Fanning with Bruce

Young Handler

Caolan Byrne with Ava

Photo courtesy of Bo Davidson